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The Development Trend Of Precision Casting In China

Wuxi Hoohi Engineering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

The Development Trend of Precision Casting in China

Casting is an important basic technology of industrial machinery, is one of the main methods to obtain the rough of mechanical products, but with the machinery industry machinery more and more sophisticated and miniaturization, the development of precision casting more and more trend.

At present, China's casting industry is a major feature of the rapid development of township enterprises, township foundry points have exceeded the state-owned foundry, township foundry casting production accounts for about half of the total output of the castings. The production of precision casting of high-precision casting is not much, most of the production requirements are not demanding pipe fittings, hardware, harness and auto parts, alloy type of single, especially the proportion of high-temperature alloys and non-ferrous alloys is too small.

China's precision casting industry there are many problems, such as industrial structure is irrational, industry focused on labor-intensive products; production factors decisive role is weakened; industrial energy consumption, low output rate, serious environmental pollution, destruction of natural resources Large-scale enterprises are small in scale, weak in technological innovation and backward in management level. Technology-intensive products are obviously lagging behind the developed industrial countries. It can be seen that the precision casting level in China is still very backward.

In addition to China's precision casting industry to see these problems, but the existence of the advantages of China's precision casting also have a certain degree of improvement.

1. China's low labor costs, rich raw materials, product prices occupy a greater advantage, as long as the product quality, in the international are still very competitive.

2. The rise of the domestic high-tech industry, the machinery industry to the precision, miniaturization of the development, as well as the construction industry has introduced a number of regulations and local regulations, with cast copper and stainless steel castings instead of cast iron pipe fittings for the precision casting industry has provided unprecedented Business.

3. China's private precision casting industry to join and the rapid development of China's precision casting industry into a fresh vitality, has become the country's most powerful casting industry is the most realistic competitors.

In short, China's precision casting industry to have a step to improve, we must solve these problems gap, and continuously improve the quality of castings and economic benefits as the center, lay the foundation, improve the quality of enterprises, adjust the industrial structure, rational allocation of resources, the use of advanced production Technology and technology equipment transformation casting industry, for the international market development.

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