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Metal Castings

  • Bronze Extruded Aluminum Casting
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    Bronze Extruded Aluminum Casting

    Although it may seem complicated, the concept behind t-slot aluminum is very simple.The end of each piece of aluminum is shaped like a "T". What this does is allow you to combine other pieces of aluminum without any welding. T-slot aluminum is modular - i.e....Read More
  • Aluminum metal high precision casting
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    Aluminum metal high precision casting

    FAQ: 1. How to get a quotation? Please send us drawings in igs, dwg, step etc. together with detailed PDF. If you have any requirements, please note, and we could provide professional advice for your reference. 2. What if we do not have drawing? Samples would be available,...Read More
  • stainless steel metal bending machines parts
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    stainless steel metal bending machines parts

    Principle The hydraulic bending machine comprises a bracket, a worktable and a clamping plate, the worktable is placed on the bracket, the worktable is composed of a base and a pressure plate, and the base is connected with the clamping plate through a hinge, and the base is...Read More
  • Brass Metal Casting
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    Brass Metal Casting

    Description It is a copper-based alloy with zinc as the main alloying element. It is added with manganese, silicon, aluminum and other elements for improving strength. It is called manganese brass, silicon brass and aluminum brass. Brass is mostly used for parts on ships,...Read More
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