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Investment Casting

Investment Casting occupies a large proportion in mechanical products. For example, in tractors, the weight of castings accounts for 50-70% of the weight of the whole machine, 40-70% of agricultural machinery, and 70-90% of machine tools and internal combustion engines. Among all kinds of castings, the most used castings are mechanical, the shape is the most complicated, and the amount is also the largest, accounting for about 60% of the total casting output. This is followed by steel ingot molds for metallurgy and pipes for engineering, as well as some tools in life.
Investment Casting is used in a wide range of applications, including hardware and the entire machinery and electronics industry, and its use is expanding. Specifically used in construction, hardware, equipment, engineering machinery and other large machinery, machine tools, ships, aerospace, automotive, locomotives, electronics, computers, electrical appliances, lamps and other industries, many are ordinary people all day contact, but do not understand Metal objects.
HOOHI is one of the best China investment casting manufacturers and a professional company and factory, we are able to offer quality investment casting, services and product to India, welcome to contact us.
  • precision lost wax casting parts
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    precision lost wax casting parts

    Description The bronzes cast in this way have neither traces nor shims, and it is better to use them to cast hollow objects. China's traditional investment casting technology has a great impact on the world's metallurgical development. Investment casting in modern...Read More
  • Lost Wax Precision Casting Parts
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    Lost Wax Precision Casting Parts

    Basic Information: Lost wax casting is also called as investment casting and is one of the oldest technique carried out to obtain precision casting.Today lost wax casting is widely used in each and every sector of casting so as to reduce machining cost and obtain fine surface...Read More
  • Alloy Steel Precision Investment Castings
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    Alloy Steel Precision Investment Castings

    Product Description: Application: Auto components Industrial Machineries Pharmaceutical Machinery Agricultural equips. Fire fighting equips. Textile & Sewing Machines Printing Machineries Transportation equipments Food Processing Machineries, etc.. Our Advantages:...Read More
  • Carbon Steel Precision Investment Castings
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    Carbon Steel Precision Investment Castings

    The lower the carbon content of Carbon Steel Precision Investment Castings, the higher the melting point, the lower the casting performance, the lower the fluidity, and the greater the probability of cracking.Read More
  • investment casting stainless steel
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    investment casting stainless steel

    Description Investment casting is a casting process with little or no cutting. It was also known as lost wax casting. The castings produced by the investment casting process are cast in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface quality compared to other casting methods. The...Read More
  • Investment Casting Stainless Steel Process
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    Investment Casting Stainless Steel Process

    Description The investment casting precision casting process refers to a model made of wax, which is coated with a layer of refractory material such as clay, heated to melt and flow the wax, thereby obtaining an empty shell formed of refractory material, and then melting the...Read More
  • Metal Foundry
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    Metal Foundry

    The company has set its strategic objective which is “Leading development in this industry, striving to provide a casting enterprise with core competitiveness and core value”, confirmed with its core competitiveness that “Leading Ideas, Advanced Equipments, Excellent QC, and...Read More
  • Lost Wax Bronze Casting Process
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    Lost Wax Bronze Casting Process

    Process 1) Casting Process: Lost wax casting/Investment casting/Die Casting/Sand casting/Gravity casting 2) Forging Process: Hammer Forging/Die Forging/Roll Forging 3) Stamping Process: Leaser Cutting/Punching/Bending 4) Machining: CNC turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding. 5)...Read More
  • high-accuracy Ductile Iron Investment Casting
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    high-accuracy Ductile Iron Investment Casting

    Parameter Principle The casting process can be divided into three basic parts, namely casting metal preparation, mold preparation and casting processing. Cast metal refers to the metal material used for casting castings in casting production. It is an alloy composed mainly of...Read More
  • Ductile Iron Investment Casting
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    Ductile Iron Investment Casting

    Product Introduction: Cast iron is generally thought of as a weak, dirty, cheap, brittle material that does not have a place in applications requiring high strength and defined engineering properties. While gray cast iron is relatively brittle by comparison with steel,...Read More
  • Ductile Iron Investment Casting Parts
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    Ductile Iron Investment Casting Parts

    Brief Introduction Ductile iron, also known as ductile cast iron, is a type of graphite-rich cast iron alloy for iron castings. Ductile Iron contains spheroidal (nodular) shaped graphite, is higher strength than Gray Iron, and weighs about 10% less than steel for the same...Read More
  • aluminum investment casting
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    aluminum investment casting

    Parameter Note Among various oxide films, the sulfuric acid oxide film is an important factor affecting the high purity and transparency of the aluminum alloy oxide film, including the oxide film thickness of the sulfuric acid oxide film, the oxide film porosity, the oxide...Read More
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